Friday, February 22, 2013

Buy it Before You Try It!

My next piece of twisted writing can be found in an anthology from Gutter Books called Out of the Gutter 8. The story is called You Oughtta be in Pictures that I should have been pimping in time for Valentine's day. It's a rather romantic little piece of flash about sex and porno and, I mean stuff.

Anyway, as much as I would love to put up a link where you can read it for free, you have to BUY it! Moohoohaha (evil laugh). It is my second story in one of the Out of the Gutter print offerings and you can purchase it here in solid form or for your lovely electronic reading device. I prefer Kindle...when you get tired of reading, you can watch porn on it. Or Netflix.  Here's the link for purchasing OOTG 8

As well as a lovely picture...

Yep, that's my name on the cover. Yep, I'm bragging about that. bitch.

Crystal Freaking Meth Baby

Okay, I really can't believe I forgot to put this one up. My friend from across the pond, David Barber, gave this story that I had so much fun writing, a home at Thrillers, Killers 'n' Chillers. Despite my various sultry dalliances with every brand of alcohol under the sun...including Listerine and rubbing alcohol, I have never taken methamphetamine. Met lots of folks who have. Such a fun drug...for other people to take. I guess the closest I have come to that kind of sick high is drinking lethal doses of lethally strong coffee. Oh well, if any authentic meth heads have a problem with the real feel of the story, drop me a line. I'm not in the book, so you'll have to try every variation of every ten digit sequence of numbers you can list and systematically eliminate everyone who answers the phone that isn't me. It won't take you long...if you're a real meth head. Or you can read and comment here

The Bad Blogger

I admit it...I am bad. In my forty-three years on this earth, there have been many things that
I have been bad at. At various times in my life I have been a bad student, a bad athlete, a bad musician, a bad friend, father, husband, worker...etcettera etcettera, blah-blah-blah. Never mind all of that, I did not intend this to be a post on self-degredation and self-loathing. Nay, my ego demands that I brag from time to time about all of the things that I am good at.

For instance, you will never hear me admit that I am a bad writer. My writing is something that I have been complemented on since I was a small boy, and I have had nothing but time to improve upon it.

Having said that, a good writer does not a good blogger make. My entries are few and far between. The only time I pay attention to this ethereal little corner of the Internet that I can kind of claim as my own, is when I have a story appearing somewhere in print or evailable online.

This serves as an attempt to plug my product and archive a new published story. However, in light of the recent geographical changes in my life, I seem to have forgotten this dark little hideout entirely.

The greatest part of this sin is that I have had work published that I have plugged on facebook and have not archived or plugged here in six months. I was almost afraid that when I tried to log on, I would find virtual yellow police tape roping off entrance to my own crime scene.

So to begin mending this grievous error, I am announcing that way back on December 10, 2012, Court Merrigan published one of my favorite stories in the Bareknuckles Pulp online magazine over at Out of the Gutter. Calling Home is featured in issue no. 20, and you can find it here as well as on the link to the left along with all of my other published works. Thanks Court. Next time I won't drop the ball on timely pimping.