Friday, July 15, 2011

A New Story and a new story

There are two new tales in the column to the right; The Sitter and The Run.  I am quite fond of both of these stories, and they were both written when I was visiting in NJ.  The Sitter came about after pondering just who in the world I would actually trust to watch my two year old daughter, Rose, if my wife were to start working full time again.  The answer is...NO'll understand why after you read the story.

The Run came out of thin air.  I wanted to write something that had the suggestion of violence without giving all of the graphic details.  Sometimes it is best to leave things to the imagination of the reader. 
Unfortunately, right after I wrote this one, there was an actual campus shooting on the I had to let it cool for a little bit before putting it out there.  Hope you enjoy them both.

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