Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sleep deprivation does crazy things to the ordinary person.  Just think of what it does to someone who is already mentally bent.  For instance, for a couple of weeks I was lucky to get one or two hours of shut-eye a night and spent my days enjoying:
  -ringing in my ears

When I thought it couldn't get any worse, it did.  There was a follow-up of:
  -hearing voices, and my favorite...

It turned out that some of my arthritis medication was tweaking with my cholesterol and high blood pressure meds and with some Frankenstein like experimentation, things are pretty much back to normal.  Well...crazy normal.

During this strange period that happened just a couple of weeks ago, I did a shit load of writing.  Unfortunately, a lot of it is what your would expect from a disoriented, hallucinating insomniac.

I also had one of my favorite stories run by Joe Clifford over at The Flash Fiction Offensive.  It is called Nothing Left To Lose,  and it can be called a homage to a famous scene from The Deer Hunter.

While I did hock the shit out of this story on facebook, I thought that I wrote a little something about it here and put the link up over on the right.  In fact, I would have bet money that I did so.  Must have been dreaming...or day dreaming at night...or hallucinating or whatever.

Anyway, here it is damnit.  I'd apologize, but...what the hell would it mean anyway?

find it here

read it and weep bitches.

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