Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Hello Governor!

I'm back from a long hiatus from my blog, the internet, my jobby-job, and the planet Earth in general. After 5 years at the YMCA I am moving onward and hopefully upward to better things. I am about to embark on a nomadic lifestyle that will allow me to see more of my family that are spread across the eastern side of this great continent and write my ass off while doing so as I travel back and forth between North Carolina and New Jersey.

The gig at the YMCA ran it's course. I learned a lot and met a lot of really awesome people who have become beloved friends that I will always cherish, but it is time to move on to some new things and get back to doing the most important and challenging job that I have been neglecting for a great while now.

That is.....PIMPING!

Starting with THIS:
Check out those gams, you howling wolves!
Have you bought this book yet? If the answer is no, then WHY NOT?!?!? The cover alone is worth the modest price of this pulp masterpiece from the most dangerous duo to ever collaborate for this epic noir series, Ken Bruen and Jason Starr.

If you are a Hardcase Crime fanatical collector like me, then you already own the preceding books: BUST, SLIDE, and THE MAX. If you don't own those, go out and get them now. But when you order this colossal kick-ass crime omnibus, make sure you get TWO copies of PIMP.

WHY? Because your's truly has the honor of being quoted in this amazing opus!

Hey! Who yelled "whoop-di-friggin-do?!?" Do you know who you're messing with?

Now don't stop reading because you suddenly realized that the only pimping I'm doing here involves my own selfish, egotistical ass. Because that's just not true. I'm really here to promote the works of my more talented friends in the literary world. And I will prove that by pointing out this excellent interview of my friend, Marcia Clark in the Summer edition of Mystery Scene Magazine

If you haven't picked up the latest ish, do it NOW!!! Marcia is a talented mystery writer with a great new book out called BLOOD DEFENSE. Put that in the shopping cart too! As soon as you read the fantastic interview that was conducted by a brilliant new voice who is already being touted as "the next Barbara Walters", you will want to read Marcia's book right away!!

What? Are you saying the only reason I'm pimping this on my blog is because I was said interviewer? Well, you're right. But I am the next Barbara Walters. My next interview is going to make you cry.

Enough about me...well, not really because now I'm going to tell you what I'VE been reading:



Nobody gets inside the head of a sociopath like Jason Starr. It makes me kind of afraid to get near him again. If you've read my other blogs you know how much I hate comparing writers to other writers because the writers I read have their own unique voices.


Just this once I have to say that Jim Thompson's ghost read James Ellroy's Killer on the Road and then demonically possessed Jason while he was writing this book.
SAVAGE LANE is your summer book. It's your beach book. It's your stay up all night long to finish the last hundred pages book. Get it. Read it. It's brilliant.

Next, go to Barnes & Noble tomorrow and shamelessly peruse the discount table until you find this:

David Morrell scares the living shit out of me. Buy this book. It's disturbing the hell out of me and I'm only three chapters in.

Which is why I am going to end now, so I can read myself into a gruesome sleepless night.

Sleep tight kiddies.

You'll be hearing lots more from me soon!

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